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Gospel of Bill—The Alcoholic Monk and Hidden Spiritual Progress

The purpose of this blog, of course, is to see what Christians and churches can learn from the Twelve Step Recovery programs: what analogies, examples, ideas and practices occur in those rooms amongst the addicts that might help us Christians … Continue reading

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Why AA is Not a “Self Help” Program– David Brooks’ “Bill WIlson’s Gospel” Column Revisited

“In a culture that generally celebrates empowerment and self-esteem, A.A. begins with disempowerment. The goal is to get people to gain control over their lives, but it all begins with an act of surrender and an admission of weakness.  In … Continue reading

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Addiction and Christian Recovery

This from Christianity Today is a helpful piece in helping Christians understand what addiction is and is not, how we can help and how we can hinder someone struggling with the disease, and the complexity that prevents simplistic answers.  On … Continue reading

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Thomas Kinkade and the Reality of Addiction”

I don’t know Thomas Kinkade’s art well, and it does not especially appeal to my tastes, but I do know that he was a big deal in certain Christian circles.  And since since his death last week–apparently at least partly … Continue reading

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Gospel of Bill: Faith, Certainty and Doubt

One of the great things about being in the 12 Step fellowships is that many, perhaps most, of the people in the rooms claim no special expertise when it comes to questions of spiritual and religious faith. In fact, many … Continue reading

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Easter Aftermath: Reflections on Death, Recovery and Resurrection

Every Saturday at 7 am, I sit in a room of about 75 recovering men, all of whom are resurrection stories.  Now, to be sure, they probably would not use that term to describe their journeys, but resurrection stories they … Continue reading

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