The Penn State Situation and Making Amends

In thinking about what people of faith can learn from the 12 Step programs, I talk a lot about the 4th and 9th and Steps and their suggestions that “we made a searching and fearless moral inventory” of our lives, and that “we made direct amends to those we have hurt.”  In that context,  here is what I wish Joe Paterno would have said about the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal at Penn State University, that has now cost Paterno his job.  This, in my view, would be a good example of how the principle of a moral inventory and an amends would work.  Click here to read


About Kelly Clark

I am a convinced, if not very virtuous, Christian, recovering from alcohol abuse and many other addictions, and have been working a program of recovery consistently for over nineteen years-- since I blew my life up with chaos and crimes and hurt many people I loved. I am active in 12 Step Fellowships, sponsoring several men and attending several meetings each week. I expect to finish a Masters of Divinity in the Fall of 2011, and soon will begin a discernment process in my church about possible ordained ministry. In my day job, I am a trial attorney, representing adult victims of childhood sexual abuse.
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