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More on Shame and Guilt

Perhaps understandably, my last post, with its emphasis on acknowledging our fundamental brokenness and our need for healing, raised more than a few objections from folks who are worried that all the focus on what is wrong with us can … Continue reading

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You Cannot Simultaneously Save Your Butt and Save Your Face—Why the Christian ‘Look Good’ Has to Go.

No one comes into a meeting of any 12 Step Group on a winning streak. We are there because we have hit the bottom.  In the early days of AA,  before treatment centers became popular, it was a common occurrence … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Bill: Lessons for Christians and Churches from the 12 Step Programs

Theologian Richard Rohr has written that the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are America’s distinctive contribution to spirituality.  I would go farther than that and say that for those of us with eyes to see, the 12 Steps could be … Continue reading

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